Robbie Simon is a jewelry design company based in New York City. Erica Simon, Principal and Designer, began the company in 2008 as Erica Simon Jewelry. One Saturday night, standing in front of her mirror, finding it impossible to properly accessorize her outfit, Erica resigned herself-- it seemed the foxy goods she needed simply were not out there. To get the job done, she would have to do it herself.

In 2011, she rebranded the company with the new name Robbie Simon, after her grandfather Robbie Taub, her namesake (full name: Erica Robbie Simon). Her grandfather, a dentist, made use of the scrap gold from his office, by crafting beautiful jewelry, charms and trinkets. He even designed and produced both of her parent’s wedding rings that spelled their names around the band.

In 1978, when Erica’s mother Linda was 28 years old and 7 months pregnant with Erica, Robbie Taub died, passing along his name and creative trade to Erica. Erica honors her legacy by pursuing her creative and professional passion strategically and productively. She is motivated knowing the gift came to her by her blood and she is determined to keep her maternal and paternal name bright and current within the vitality of her enterprise.

The aesthetic throughout Erica's body of work is to be relentlessly focused and deliberate from start to finish. Her designs are detail-oriented and challenge common combinations of medium and form. By reaching into different cultures and eras for inspiration, Erica crosses different takes on beauty-- intensifying the impact in a way that a unilateral approach couldn't achieve.

Today Erica Simon continues to design for various jewelry companies ranging from mom and pop's companies to large multi-national brands. She also teaches a jewelry course for the fashion department at the Pratt Insitute. All the while, she happily nurtures her company to get her jewelry out to the fabulous women of the world who are missing that one commanding item from their wardrobe.